Oregon Baby Moon

The fear and anticipation of how our life is going to change once the baby arrives is likely far worse than the bundle of joy will bring us.  But just to be safe we are making sure to use all our vacation and get plenty of travels in before the time comes!

For this trip we headed to Oregon hoping to catch most of the 7 wonders of Oregon, but happy to settle on the 7 of our own:

  • Crater Lake
  • Silver Falls State Park
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • Smith Rock State Park
  • Tumalo Falls
  • Columbia River Gorge and Indian Point Lookout
  • Ape Cave Lava Tubes under Mount St Helens

We timed the trip perfectly to get the chance to celebrate EmSue’s cousin Wes’ birthday with his wife Lizzie and some friends, plus they were nice enough to take us in over Easter and show us the sights around Portland (sadly we were having such a great time we forgot to take any pictures with them).

The last time we were in Oregon was at the end of the cross country bike tour and had the opportunity then to explorer the Oregon coast.  This time around we stuck mostly to the inland attractions and even had the chance to reunite with Gretchen whom during the bike ride delivered us some wonderful random acts of kindness.

It’s the people you meet while traveling that make the memories!

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4 thoughts on “Oregon Baby Moon

  1. Thanks for sharing your Oregon adventure. Some of my favorite places and what amazing pictures and absolutely love the video! Congratulations to you both which will only add and enhance to your adventures.
    Cheers, Janet

    1. Thanks and for saying hi, any other Oregon recommendations to those visiting?

  2. Beautiful! My husband is from Oregon so we get up there as much as we can. I haven’t been to many of the sites listed, but we have seen Crater Lake. It was amazing to have a roadside picnic in July surrounded by snow. 🙂
    You two are going to make amazing parenets – great big congratulations! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie. Oregon is amazing and a tempting state to live in; east of the Cascades 🙂 west seems to get a lot of rain

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