Travel Map

July – Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,
August – PanamaPeru
September – BoliviaArgentina
October – South AfricaItaly, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt
November – India
December – NepalThailand

January – Thailand, Singapore
February – Australia
March – New Zealand
April – Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Russia
May / June – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK,
July – Ireland, Scotland, Iceland



22 thoughts on “Travel Map

  1. We are so impressed with your level of planning! Seems like everything is moving right along. Nate and family are excited for you and send their best!

    1. Let me know if Nate wants me to sign-up his email address; happy to do it!

  2. Nate says to thank you for including them, he is looking forward to the life changing trip!

    1. Thanks Nate! I am glad to have you following along

  3. Patrick Bradshaw June 9, 2012 — 6:05 pm

    Best of luck!

    1. Hey Patrick I appreciate you coming to checkout the site; hopefully the luck will stay on our side.

  4. Wow, wow and WOW!! I will be following you for sure and can’t wait to read about it and see the pictures. I’m in awe of you both–good for you!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jane!!! We are both excited and nervous. Hope to see you for the neighborhood street party on the 23rd!

  5. Hi Dustin,
    Really nice to here on this move. All the very best and hope to meet you all in October in India



  6. Dustin and Emily,
    Pleasure to know you through Dell fellow member.
    hope to see you in India.
    all the best

  7. It was good to meet you at the Panama Canal. I hope all is going well. I love the blog. My wife and I had a great week in Panama. I would love to go back, but I think the wife will be less likely after we got falsely pulled over by unmarked Panama polize at 430 am at gun point on our way to the airport 😉

    Happy Travels!

    1. Hey Austin, So sorry to hear about the middle of the night run-in, were they looking for a bribe or robbery? Thanks for dropping in and saying hi!

  8. fabian y daniela barrera September 16, 2012 — 10:17 pm


    Es inevitable sentir alegria por el viaje que estan haciendo. Por algo, Dios sabe que, compartimos esos minutos en Mendoza. Que tengan muy feliz viaje.

    Fabian y Daniela

    1. Thanks Fabian, you are our Mendoza savior! To let the rest of our family know Fabian was not only kind enough to give us free $20 bus cards but took us from the Airport to town and invited us in to dinner with his family! We love nice people 🙂

  9. I’m about to cry joy.

    My name is Bradley, and we traveled together (along with my sister) for about 1/2 an hour in Guatemala City. We were the couple that went on the Panajachel bus with you, then to the metro.

    I love your website! I can’t believe that you have already been to other continents. God speed in your journeys, and may you bring comfort to those less experienced travelers out there like you did to us.

    So I have been thinking about Dustin’s extreme minimalism since we met you, and am looking for the bag that he used. For some reason I don’t recognize the bags that you’ve listed under the “Travel Gear” column, but if you help me out I’d greatly appreciate it.
    I’m traveling out to NYC for the first time in a couple months and want a single pack to carry my everything.

    With much love and excitement to see you again (though only digitally),

    Bradley (& Briana)

    1. Haha hey Bradley, if I remember right y’all brought us help and experience to us on the Guatemala City Metro.

      Sorry if the link wasn’t working, but try this one –

      Though I need to do a review on travel gear here soon as we are not liking the Flash 18 too much and to be perfectly honest my 45L pack could have better waste support; I miss my Gregory. If you want to see a true minimalist traveler here is a guy I was following before our travels (28L) –

      Please let me know what you decide on as I can easily geek out about gear quiet frequently 🙂

  10. Hi, I loved reading about your trip. I have recently been trying to figure out how to make an around the world trip happen in the next couple years. Last year my friend Brook and I started a travel blog as a go to for friends and a way to journal our travels. It’s been very therapeutic and inspiring to travel more. We have not gotten around to all the places we have traveled, but we do have write ups on some of the places you are planning to go! Belize, Costa, Thaialand, etc. Also we have friends who have traveled and or live all over the world. Should you needs suggestions on any of the following, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
    -New Zealand
    – Australia
    -Italy ( Must eat at Aqua Al 2 in Florence)

    Happy travels!

    1. Hey Emily, Thanks for saying hi we will definitely have to comb through your blog to see what we can learn. We head to Australia then New Zealand next so please sure any tips you have for their we would to hear them. We are finding just getting around those countries appear to be pretty expensive, especially coming from a super affordable place like Thailand.

  11. Hey D&E – just thought I’d say hi and continued good luck and safe travelling – just getting ready for spring here – lucky for us in Hamilton, being on the west end of Lake Ontario – all the winter storms have gone around us – |Ohio and New York States got our share – daylight savings next weekend – summer on the way – take care – will talk later – Tom

    1. Hey Tom,
      Sorry for never replying to this when you sent it. Thanks for the kind words and sorry about the end of the Notre Dame season, but what a season. We were just up in that area a couple months ago (my first time!).
      Take Care,

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