Our Biggest Adventure Yet

Well it seems we are well on our way to checking off our New Year resolutions and have what is likely to be our biggest announcement to date!

Come Labor Day 2014 we will be welcoming Baby RTW into the world!
Come Labor Day’ish 2014 we will be welcoming Baby RTW into the world!

What does this mean for our future Adventures?  Well I like to think it will only enhance them.

We haven’t lived within the bounds of “normal” lives up to this point so just because we are having a kid doesn’t mean we have to immediately move to the the Burbs for the good school districts and cookie cutter homes (not that there is anything wrong with that as we reserve the right to do that later).  We hope to be those parents that expose their kids to experiences that others may find out of the ordinary and that continue to go along with our goals and ideals of living.  Even before having kids we have taken inspiration from travelers like:

As in many times in life I have turned to my big brother (a father of 3) for advice in guidance and to quote his feedback ~ “Kids don’t slow you down they enhance the experience, you want to take them to places you already have seen just so you can enjoy their reactions to places you loved”.  So with that in mind there may be a few repeats of destinations but not experiences and who knows maybe another RTW down the road.


11 thoughts on “Our Biggest Adventure Yet

  1. You guys!!!!! Congrats!!!! You will have the most beautiful baby. So excited for you!

    1. Thanks Kim! We are bummed y’alls tour won’t be bringing you through Texas, but perhaps we will find a place on the road to catch y’all.

  2. Congratulations! Such wonderful news! I’m so very happy and excited for you guys.

    1. Hey Brooke!
      Thanks for saying hi and for the congratulations!!! Congrats to you as well…I believe your time is getting close. So excited for you and your family of boys!!! 🙂

  3. So excited for you guys! Have you ever read anything by Tsh Oxenreider? Her new book is “Notes from a Blue Bike” and they are a traveling family. I learn a lot from her (as we will start traveling for baseball this year). Definitely check out the book! Her site is http://theartofsimple.net/


    1. A book about Bikes I am sure to read it ;-), oh it’s not about the bike? Quick look at it and I already like Tsh’s style ~ UT Grad that moved to Bend Oregon sounds right up my alley! Thanks for the recommendation

  4. Hey guys —

    Congratulations! Check out “The Road Forks” — Patrick and Akila travelled for a couple of years (including 15 months with their two dogs in Europe), resettled in the Atlanta area, and are now travelling regularly with baby Amara who by the age of 8 months had been to Costa Rica and India.

    BTW, we met at the MPG meetup happy hour a few days before you took off on your adenture — and I followed your trip. It was great.


    1. Hi Meredydd,
      I actually do know “The Road Forks” blog, but I had forgotten to mention them as a good example. Thanks for following along all this time and for saying hello. Hope you are doing well! Happy Travels 🙂

  5. Great big congratulations!!!!

  6. Congratulations guys! that’s wonderful news 🙂

  7. Thanks Adam, kind of you to say hi and hope all your travels and future travels are adventurous

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