Originally after telling friends and family about our upcoming dream to travel and see the world they of course were taken aback and had many questions for us.  There were several of them after minutes of questioning who eventually leaned  in closer and in a whispered voice  asked “What does a trip like that cost?”.

We hadn’t traveled extensively before this RTW adventure, but after reading hundreds of other blogs and stories out there we found some meager travelers were able to stay in 3rd world countries for as little as $20 a person per day.  Where we love a good bargain we knew we couldn’t dip that low to the point of just living on a bag rice from the grocery stores and sleeping on floors.  We did however see a reoccurring budget for many around $50 a person per day or $100 per couple.  In this $100 it includes everything; hotel, food, transportation, and entertainment.  So we had our goal in sights…

$100 a day X 365 days = $36,500 a year

To see how close we have come to hitting our goals, below is a table we will continue to update that shows our average daily cost per country or for the full details you can download the spreadsheet.

Country Average Daily Cost
USA $362.00*
Mexico $291.07*
Belize $78.58
Guatemala $70.49
Nicaragua $98.62
Costa Rica $132.56
Panama $52.54
Peru $91.86
Bolivia $106.96
Argentina $164.26
South Africa $109.36
Holy Cruise $132.06
Italy $90.21
India $82.84
Nepal $117.48
Thailand $63.25
Singapore $60.70
Australia $130.41
New Zealand $71.89
Hawaii $89.10
Trip Average $96.87*
Trip Length  288.5 Days
Total #1 $27,944.41
Total #2 $37,824.41

* Unweighted not counting country to country flight costs or pre-Mexico vacation resort
Total #1 = Complete trip total without Flights & Mexico Resort
Total #2 = Complete trip total

7 thoughts on “Budget

  1. Hey, thanks for putting this info out there. If Beth and I ever get the courage to follow in your footsteps, projecting costs is a must and this will be helpful.

  2. Look like you are averaging about $132/day. Keep up the great posts. You are an inspiration for me to do the same.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this because this question was definitely coming. The pictures and stories are great, but this is the most helpful thing you could do for those of us aspiring to do the same. Gracias!

  4. This is really helpful. If not a world trip, I will at least travel to a few of those and will have my estimate handy. India should be least expensive for you :). Hope it gives you a pleasant experience.

    1. Yep Reddy, India has been good on the budget. Not the cheapest but very good and great food too!

  5. You folk look like you are having an incredible journey. Be safe and enjoy. I just found your blog while reviewing mine from my Transam bike trip this past summer. Will follow you. Your photos are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Wendy for the compliment it’s nice to hear a photographer say that :), I enjoyed following your TransAm trip too!

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