Gone to the Dogs

After reaching the high point in Texas we made the rest of the long exhausting drive to Colorado. We were excited to spend the next few days with our good friends, Sam and Kim, who had recently moved from Houston to Durango after their beautiful wedding we had attended in Costa Rica. We got to do a little acclimating there which would end up helping Dustin on his bicycle rides and our upcoming hikes. We loved our time in Durango with them and got out and explored the area in the cooler temps. Kim and Sam have 3 dogs and with Durango being such a dog-friendly place, we took one of the pups with us almost everywhere we went. This sure made us miss our little Vegas.

After our time in Durango we eventually headed back into New Mexico where we ended up spending some time in both Santa Fe and Taos Ski Valley.  We made an attempt at the that state’s high point as well, but found the same result as we did in Colorado with much of the high passes snowed in.  On our way back to Austin we spent a night with family in Lubbock which rounded out a memorable road trip!  Turns out we left Austin during the perfect week; it rained the entire time we were gone and record flooding occurred.

Vallecito Creek Trail

Vallecito Creek Trail
Buddy making his appearance hiking the Vallecito Creek Trail

Vallecito Reservoir

Durango Main Street Iron Horse

Balcony Bar and Grill

Animas River Trail

Crazy Woods
There is a danger in these woods
Bear Tracks
It was hot on our trail
Rocky in the Rockies
Rocky was the first to fall prey and became one with the Rockies
Dog river crossing
Rocky had to be held-&-carried out

Animas River Trail

Million Dollar Highway Gorge
To round out the dogs, Bailey made the road trip to Ouray
Loretto Chapel Sunset
Leaving Colorado behind we made our way into Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe San Francisco Street

Santa Fe

Las Palomas Santa Fe
Big thanks to Mary Noel and Amanda for cluing us in to Las Palomas in Santa Fe, if you have to stay in a hotel this is the one you want
Wheeler Summit Trail
Hoping to round out our trip by high pointing New Mexico we headed up the Wheeler Summit trail in Taos
Wheeler Summit Trail
Unfortunately again with the late season snow and our lack of crampons and planning Wheeler Summit and New Mexico’s high point will have to wait
Williams Lake
Happy to settle with Williams Lake for this trip
Williams Lake
Wheeler Summit and Williams Lake

Frozen Williams Lake Elevation 11,040


Zilker Park
After the long road trip home, we made sure to spoil our little Vegas Man by treating ourselves to one last outdoors experience in Zilker Park



1 thought on “Gone to the Dogs

  1. We went through Durango on our road trip a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the area. It is simply breathtakingly beautiful!

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