Vancouver, yet another City

Yet another city is not meant to be an insult; I would say the same thing about Austin, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and even New York City.  It’s just that it’s another city.

When you are grinding the 9-5 M-F commuting back and forth in a city your thoughts do not wander around what it would be like to sit in traffic in yet another city.  Well except for what it would be like to have a great infrastructure of mass transportation with true multi rail lines or dedicated divided bike lanes.  But in general, NO, my thoughts tend to head towards mountains, oceans, beaches, trails, vistas and the absence of people.

So why travel to Vancouver?  For the same reason you travel to Denver, it’s the gateway to the mountains!  Plus during the dead of summer in Texas heading anywhere north is a vacation in it’s own.  With any new location you do get a sense of excitement and anxiety as you navigate a new town.  So we checked out the top highlights from wikitravel and tripadvisor and got to hitting the sites.

What’s your viewpoint on cities or better yet where does your mind dream of escaping to?  Send us some inspiration!

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4 thoughts on “Vancouver, yet another City

  1. Hey Dustin, I see you’ve done the grind. Hope you are enjoying Vancouver.
    You should hike the Chief up in Squamish or further up toward Whistler the hike up the Black Tusk is a much longer day. You can also camp up by the lakes on the Black Tusk hike.
    P.S. this is the guy that bought your old insight, I now live in Vancouver of all things.

    1. Hey John, Sorry to take so long to reply, tune in later tonight or tomorrow for the post around Black Tusk; we loved it! Did the insight make it up to Vancouver?

      1. Hey Dustin,
        The insight did make the drive up multiple times, but because of the age and engine lights that I ignore it would have been hard to import. So it sits down in Texas as my Austin car and I bought an identical looking 2000 insight up here for my Canada car 🙂
        Of course I am about to drive down to Austin next month so both cars will be united. I really should sell the Texas car, I don’t think the sitting is good for it.
        Glad you like the black tusk, did you climb to the top or just do the hikes around the area?
        Was it already on your plan before I wrote? How much longer will you be in the area?

      2. We didn’t make it to the top, just enjoyed the view from across the valley around the Panorama Trail. Sadly we have been back at work for several weeks now, just slow to posting trip updates. Our trip for BC was about a week in total, EmSue was between jobs so we were able to take a two week long trip and tacked on a Hawaii vacation on top of it.

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