Laguna 69

Huascarán National Park, Peru (map)

Not ever hearing of Huascaran National Park before starting our trip we made our way into the mountain town of Huaraz,Peru and soon discovered that this area of the world is considered a hikers paradise. Containing what National Geographic rates as the 2nd best trek in the world, the Huayhuash Circuit Trek.

Seeing that we didn’t plan on staying the 10+ days needed to tackle the Huayhuash Trek (we have to save something for the future 🙂 ) we decided on a more tame but considered the most beautiful one day trek in the national park, the Laguna 69 Trek (our GPS map).

There was one snag we didn’t plan on though, the Laguna 69 trek rose to an elevation of 15,100 feet; almost 600 feet higher than we have ever hiked before on our Mount Whitney hike, which the altitude about killed Matt and me (EmilySue of course did fine on it). Though as it turned out we should have been more worried about the 6 hour round trip off road car ride as it was more brutal than the actual 3 hour hike itself.

Deciding just hiking at high altitude wasn't enough I went for a 500 meter sprint after our drop off vehicle after realizing I left my water bottle in the van, not a good way to start the day
A happier less winded hiker who held onto her water bottle, at the start of the hike

The Huascaran Mountain in the background is the highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes at 22,132 ft
Looking back where we came from you can follow the trail all the way down to the left

Taking a mid hike lunch break
Then trying to get a drink
Excited to have made it to Laguna 69

We prayed to the Altitude gods before hiking, but forgot to pray to the Weather gods

Yoga Poses Around the World
Heading Back Down

As Murphy's Law would have it the clouds cleared an hour after we left, tempted to hike backup

Our hike profile mapped
View of Laguna 69 on a clear day

13 thoughts on “Laguna 69

  1. Wow, I can see why that hike is rated so highly. The pictures themselves are beautiful. I’m sure 1,000x’s more amazing in person! The cold weather looks so inviting, we’ve got a cool front here, only 96 today :).

  2. doesn’t look like you got sick! … lots’o coco leaf????

    1. We did have lots of coco tea, but I think it also helped to just hydrate a lot and wait 2-3 days before hiking to higher ground. We may of rushed it a bit at Mt. Whitney 🙂

  3. The water is totally amazing. Was that rain or snow?

    1. It was sleet, which was nice since it’s didn’t stick to your clothes and get you wet

  4. Awesome pics…definitely appeared worth the effort

  5. Amazing photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen water that color before! Everyone at my office wants to know what kind of camera you have – because the quality of the photos is just amazing.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, we actually have 3 camera’s with us but the best one is a Canon T2i DSLR. I am a big believer in DSLR’s but between Nikon and Canon it doesn’t matter much, another reason the pictures seem better than they should is I add a little more saturation and clean out some of the white fuzz in pictures to make them sharper (or pop more).

      For a list of all the gear we are carrying plus the other camera’s you can see it here –

  6. Thinking about you guys, Dustin! Great to see you are having a lot of fun!!

    1. Thanks for saying hi Ganesh, sadly I have thought about you guys (work) from time to time too! It’s funny how you crave being productive and giving back to society from time to time (I have been brain washed well 🙂 )

  7. I’m almost brought to tears. These scenes are overwelming in one deminsion, trying to image the reality! Thanks so much for sharing all of this will us all, it’s so inspiring, you are the best jumpers I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha thanks Phil!!! See I can jump two I just don’t look as good doing it 🙂

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