2 Mile High City

Huaraz, Peru (map)

After the airlines delivered our bags to us in Lima (sea level) we caught the next 8 hour night bus to Huaraz and found ourselves a little light headed at over 10,400 ft.  Huaraz is the closest town you can bus to outside the Huascaran National Park and a perfect place to spend a few days acclimating before heading up to higher levels.


A big part of our time traveling is spent researching where we are heading next , how we are getting there, where we will stay once we arrive, and what we will be doing.  A large part of how we figure this out is by reading other travelers blogs and seeing what they did. Since our blog posts don’t focus much on this we have created a new page to help future travelers.

Check it out here as it will be constantly updated as we continue to travel – Travel Reviews

Exploring the city
Realizing we are no longer at sea level

All kids love small pets

Having dinner with our new friend Katie from British Columbia. She is explaining to us how to get into Machu Pichu before everyone else (she also thinks we are slow learners as we require visual aids)
The next day to train for our upcoming BIG hike we found a local hike to some ruins

The kids just out of school found talking to us a great way to practice their English
Appreciating how hard it was to come the few hundred feet over Huaraz
Finally arriving at the top
Exploring some of the oldest ruins we have seen Ichic Willkawain ~ 600 A.D.

What happens when you don't realize the camera self-timer is on repeat


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