Egypt Loves You

Cairo, Egypt (map)
Alexandria, Egypt (map

It surprises many people when they hear how supportive our parents have been of our decision to do radical things like leave great jobs and sell perfectly fine cars (oh and don’t forget about the house) all in the name of exploring this huge world of ours.

BUT one thing that they have not been in support of is the itinerary where we listed Egypt as one of our planned destinations. Despite my own mother having visited Egypt when I was a child and fondly recalling her memories of the country, it was clear by the news reports that Egypt was probably not the best place to go prancing around on our own. Thankfully, we did end up finding a safe way to see the highlights while on our Norwegian cruise. Despite our normal way of traveling (on our own without joining tour groups), we did end up booking a great 2 day tour that covered seeing the best of both of the Egypt ports of call on the cruise.

As for our Egyptian experience, I know for me I was devastated by the amount of trash that was in the cities we visited. There would be nice parks with trash completely covering the ground and bushes, yet people still just sat on the park benches not even noticing it. On a more positive note, we felt very safe during our time in Egypt. The people we encountered were very kind and at times we almost felt like celebrities. When we arrived back from the first day, Egyptians were crowded around the ship and cheering/waving at all of us. We also had Egyptians asking to take pictures with us during the day! We are so glad that we were able to keep Egypt on the itinerary after all. For me seeing the Pyramids and Sphinx was absolutely surreal.

Egypt , Check!

Just after getting off the ship…still not believing we are actually in Egypt!
After a long 3 hour bus ride from Port Said we were in denial that we had actually finally made it to Cairo. As the saying goes “Da-Nile” ain’t just a river in Egypt
The Great Pyramid of Giza!!!
Our first self portrait at the pyramid
We thought for sure it would be illegal to climb on the pyramids, but they have guards that allow you up to a certain height

View from a distance
It’s a tough job, but someone has to hold up this place
It may not look like it from our photos, but it was SUPER crowded so we headed off to our own spot away from the tourists
Yoga Posing Around the World – Pyramids of Giza
High School pose at the Pyramids 🙂
Camels in the desert
The Incredible Sphinx
Pyramid & Sphinx
Dustin was so jealous 😉
Okay maybe he was more jealous when this happened
The Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria was built on the exact site where the famous Lighthouse once stood, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
View of the Library of Alexandria off in the distance
The newly rebuilt Library of Alexandria – the original was the largest and most significant library of the Ancient World
Inside the Library of Alexandria
Egyptian Jumping (and losing his flip flop at the same time)
Our Egyptian Guide from Nile Blue Excursions, Moemen Aiad. If you find yourself in Egypt give him a shout –
We joined the Nile Blue Tour last minute and ended up with an amazing group – We loved our adopted Filipino Family!


16 thoughts on “Egypt Loves You

  1. Hey I knew those were my peeps even before reading the caption! We miss you guys. Sumita and Gautam are already in India awaiting your arrival. Miss you guys!

    1. i’m sorry, i meant just sumita. gautam is leaving this weekend i think.

      1. Hey!!! We are actually with Sumita right now and Gautam arrives tonight. We miss all you guys so much!

  2. Cairo…sigh…what I wouldn’t give to go back. Out of the places I have traveled, Cairo has a special place in my heart. I too experienced the same worrisome parents when I went, but it was well worth the trip. I miss the night blooming jasmine, the Haan, and the people!!!
    Xoxo to you both!!

    1. Hey Dre, I was actually thinking of you while we were there because I remember you telling me stories about your visit years ago. Miss you!!!

  3. Great pictures. Looks like you are having an awesome time!

    1. Thanks, Bob! Yep everyday is a new adventure for us this year! Thanks for the comment.

  4. I just wanted to thank you two for taking us with you! The pictures and narrative or just great. We miss you guys!

    1. Thanks Phil, glad to know people are still following along and not getting bored yet 🙂

  5. Hey guys – our guide spent a lot of time talking about the corrupt government – Cairo is like that because an outside country had the contract to remove the garbage and walked away from it 3 years ago – after they got paid – the city of Cairo is trying but their city workers only look after the government and money areas. The residents are not overly educated so they sit back and wait for things to happen – same as all the new condos that were built to ease the housing in the inner city – litterally, thousands are sitting empty and unfinished – the corruptness of the government and who they give contracts out to , has made sure of that by taking the money and running. They raised the purchase and rental prices to reflect the overly well-to-do, not the lower classes that they were built for . Dustin – on another note – only 2 undefeated teams in the top 10 – ND & OSU – take care – stay safe – Tom

    1. That’s amazing Tom, we didn’t hear any of it while we were there, but not a surprise as it seems most 3rd world (and some 1st world) governments seem to be corrupt at some levels. Would be curious to hear your viewpoints on our own government and what odds you give the BCS Title game :), think aTm gave y’all some insight on Bama’s weakness?

      1. Dustin -regarding the BCS —- being Canadian , I look at experience first. ND has 24 freshmen – 8 playing on Jan 7- A&M has 48 freshmen including a qb who was there all last year – Bama has 42 freshmen and plays the redshirt game as well – the extra practice time over 5 years makes a big difference compared to the 4 year grads – Bama has off, def and special teams – ND has def, special teams and a fg kicker – their offence is still a year away from production – turnovers the key – ND cannot afford to come away from the red zone with just 3 every time they get down there – and hope their defence keeps holding Bama back – after all is said and done – no ND offence then Bama wins by 17 – I just hope it is entertaining – I have our group cheering for A&M as well – their fans helped me out against the Texans on the transatlantic – Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year – Tom

      2. Hey Tom, we are loving the long comments (seriously), agreed on the entertaining and I hope you don’t have to go through what we did in 2010 versus Bama losing our key QB after the 1st drive. The game was brutal to watch after that, slight hope but brutal. EmSue though will have to disagree with TAMU, as she hopes to see them lose big time versus the Sooners! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

      3. Dustin & EmSue

        Happy New Year

        ND got trashed 42-14 – 28-0 at the half – yuk

      4. Hey Tom,
        We actually were able to catch most of the game over the web even though we are in Thailand. It was tough to watch! Sorry for the loss 😦 My Sooners got killed by A&M as you know. Better luck next year!

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