2,016 Miles to go

2016… I can’t count the number of times I have heard someone say they have hated this past year and that 2017 can’t get here fast enough. For some this was a year filled with loss. Yes, we did lose many iconic people this year…Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher just to name a few. Then there was the Presidential Election…ugh can’t even go there. For us though 2016 was not so much a year of loss…unless you are talking about sleep 🙂

This year was a little different for us. Instead of loss, we gained. Our baby, the one we have wished for these past few years made his grand debut in September. Our son, Miles, “graced” us with his presence on a late Saturday evening. In fact, he came into this world 1 day before his big sister Grace’s original due date that was supposed to be 2 years prior. A time of year that had once been associated with sadness and grief, now will be so special and hold a positive light for years to come.

I am not gonna sugarcoat it…this having a baby thing is no joke. It is hard! Some people may think that leaving your job, selling your possessions and taking off into the big unknown world is hard. NOPE, that is easy. Of course Miles has definitely not been an “easy” baby. He’s given us a run for our money as new parents by being colicky right from the start (even now as I type this just minutes before 2017… yay happy new year to us ~ agghhhhhh). Sometimes we think maybe being married for 10 years before having a baby made us selfish and made it more difficult for us to adapt to parenthood. Maybe or maybe not… but either way Dustin and I like to joke that parents out there aren’t telling other future parents about the reality of starting a family and how tough it can be to adjust 😉  I will say though that each day gets a little bit easier. When Miles laughs and smiles we forget about the long, sleepless nights. And I will add that those sleepless nights are still in full force even now as he approaches 4 months and I am back to work full time. I understand completely now why sleep deprivation is considered a form of severe torture. However, I know this too shall pass and I have heard we will forget these hard times and even (gasp) miss them years from now. In any event, we have been extremely blessed with a HEALTHY baby boy who is growing like a weed and teaching us so much about ourselves as individuals and as parents. We love you, Miles!!

2017 is going to be a new year like no other for us as a family. We can’t wait to get Miles out there to start seeing the world! We can already tell he loves to travel and be outside just like his parents… How do we know this you ask?? Well, for one thing he has been best behaved when we have been either on an airplane or outside in nature!! So first on the agenda is getting him his own passport.

Typically in years past our New Year’s blog post lists our resolutions (or really goals) for the upcoming year. So here it goes…

Goals for our family…

  1. Sleep more and Cry less (applies to all of us, but will have to get Miles’s permission)
  2. Get outside…put many, many miles on Miles’s jogging stroller
    • 2016 goal complete of learning how to use the plural correct punctuation of a name that ends in ‘S’
  3. Take a trip out of the country…not sure where yet, but gotta put our passports to good use
  4. Get a not so “mini” version of a Van for on the road adventures (more on that in years to come I am sure)
  5. Buy some soil near mountains/beach/lake – or just away from the hustle and bustle of city life

Miles’s Goals for 2017 (his firsts)

  1. Get my first passport
  2. Touch Snow in the mountains
  3. Play at the beach in the sand
  4. Swim!
  5. Sleep in a tent (go camping)
  6. Sit up, Crawl and Walk
  7. Eat real food!
  8. Say my first word…mama, of course 😉

We wish everyone reading this a VERY Happy New Year!! With so much love and thankfulness for the amazing year we had, we can’t wait to see what is in store in 2017!

Emily Sue, Dustin, Baby Miles & Vegas 🐾

Last photo as a couple
Hello World!
Ummm… Best in Show?
Can’t believe I am finally a mommy
Beer makes the dad thing look easy
First flight and doing well
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all



10 thoughts on “2,016 Miles to go

  1. Awe best blog yet! ❤

  2. Reading your post at 1 am while nursing a newborn brings back memories! Your post kept me going in the wee hours of the night with Juliet and now Eliot. A beautiful post Em Sue. 2016 for most was a ‘crappy’ year but for our family, it couldn’t have been more blessed. Welcoming your sweet child into this world still gets me teary eyed. I know parenting is not easy, but you & Dustin are kicking butt at it. I certainly feel like you know more than I do Emily after have one & me with four!
    Seeing our two boys grow up together is something incredibly special. I predict they’ll become fast friends and maybe even travel buddies ;). 2016 was a year of miracles, 2017 will be a year of m(M)iles!

  3. Mindy Sue Rojas January 1, 2017 — 8:14 pm

    Made me cry! Great blog! Love you sooo Sista! Hang in there! XOXO

  4. Happy New Year, y’all!

    1. Happy New Year!

  5. This was well written – from the heart.
    Love the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing – love to you’all!
    Love, Mary

  6. Met you at Jackie and George’s wedding, and have loved keeping up with you ever since!
    Your pictures are priceless!

    Happy 2017,
    Pam Boehm

    1. Hi Pam, thanks for keeping in touch from such the start of the adventures. Sorry we have been so slow on giving updates as the pace of life has slowed a bit.

  7. Hi you guys! Loved reading the new post and so happy to see pictures of all of y’all. Hope y’all are enjoying all the new adventures! Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Emily, Sorry for the slow reply and that I missed dropping by with EmSue last time she came to see y’all. I want to hear all about how The Narrows went!?!? Or am I still getting that wrong that it’s later this year….

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