Best hike near Whistler

Naturally when you visit a ski resort in the middle of summer you seek out what is the best hiking and biking in the area, no?  Let me save you the trouble, if you want the best hike around Whistler and you are in good hiking shape the Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail is all you need to know.

About a 20 mile round trip hike with 9,500+ feet of elevation change makes for a great challenging day hike or take your time and enjoy camping in the backcountry.

Garibaldi Lake Trailhead
Since we couldn’t carry-on the flight hiking poles, Emily Sue found a trusty hiking stick to accompany her way
Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail Map and GPS
Take a look at the GPS data if you are into that sort of thing  –
Barrier Lake
One of our first glimpses of the blue from the lower Barrier Lake
Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail
Breaking out of the tree line we found long distance views
Bear fur or dead moss
Bear back scratcher?
Garibaldi Lake Nude Sunbather
We came upon this unexpected creature next, apparently she decided hiking wasn’t for her and opted for some nude sunbathing instead



Garibaldi Lake Glacier
Other hikers told us the glacier on the left used to extend all the way down the valley just 15 years ago ~ sad
Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail
We stopped to take in the views with our little bird friend


Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail
Watch for rolling ankles

Black Tusk

Black Tusk Garibaldi Lake Panorama

Garibaldi Lake Panorama

Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail
9.5 miles and 4,775 feet of climbing = well worth it

Yoga Posing Around the World - Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail

Black Tusk Hike
Starting the long walk back down

Garibaldi Lake Panorama Trail

Garibaldi Lake Swim
As a filthy hiker in seemed a quick ice bath was in order
Garibaldi Lake Dip
Some censorship was required as hiking briefs not quiet equal to a swimsuit
Garibaldi Lake Birds
Meanwhile EmSue was taming the local wildlife

Blue Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake Switchbacks
Somehow switchbacks are always worse on the way down
Hiking under a dark canopy
A sentimental moment in the soft moss at the end of a long day or just resting?
Whistler Brewery
Ending the day with a natural muscle relaxer to ease our post hike soreness

1 thought on “Best hike near Whistler

  1. Looks like an incredible hike! Adding to my bucket list.

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