American Love Affair

As the reader of our blog you know we are not killer writers. OK I am not a killer writer.  I personally enjoy expression through photography more than words.  EmSue on the other hand actually is a great writer when she is passionate about a topic.  That is why when we recently read this latest post from one of our favorite up-and-coming travel writers, Kim Dinan at, we just had to share a preview of  it. It touches on so many feelings we have had ourselves; right down to the horrendous Cadillac commercial she mentions.

In America we worship the holy paved road, the shotgun, and the almighty dollar. We throw ourselves into the rat race because we don’t know that there is anything other than the rat race. We love our shopping malls and our local Costco where we can buy 14 jumbo sized plastic tubs of tomato sauce to store in our 3,000 square foot basement so that we can eat as we wait out the zombie apocalypse. Because that is totally going to happen. Right after those thugs break into your house and steal your diamonds. Don’t you watch the news?

Here is what I want to know. Why? Why are we afraid of everything? Why do we put up with it? Why do we just accept having a massive mortgage and the newest smartphone and so many bills to pay that we have to go in to work over the weekend to earn overtime as the way? Why has money become our collective religion?

What about happiness? What about living an extraordinary life. What about love? What about adventure? What about joy? What about peace? What about laughter? What about soul?

There are so many parts of the full post that I want to share, but I realize I would just be ripping off Kim’s great work.  So make sure to check out the full post here on Kim’s blog – An American traveler back in America 

Recently hitting the 1 year anniversary with my job since being back from our trip I am happy to say we have made some positive lifestyle changes.  Being a car obsessed child and then growing into a pseudo adult there is one thing I am especially proud of.  While living in a city that has a very poor mass public transportation system as well as being ranked 4th worst in traffic in the USA, we have successfully been living the one car family lifestyle. I have commuted by bike or foot for over a year now with no plans to make any car purchases in the near future. Well, with maybe the exception of upgrading our hybrid to a full electric 🙂

Don’t worry though, the fight for our souls isn’t without it’s competition as Ford hit back with a nice vision to remind us we are not all like minded individuals.


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