Bicycle Touring

Thanks to the holiday break and free downtime with the family we have finally had time to catchup on some video editing that we had been meaning to share from our travels.  In the coming days to week we will be posting snippets of the videos so not to bore you by one long video.

To get you kicked off and give us more time to edit the videos, here is a look back to 2011 when we stopped thinking about living our dreams and started doing.  The video is a highlight reel of my bicycle journey from the East coast of the United States across 3,743 miles to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Bicycling the ultimate way to be a frugal traveler and maximize your adventures!

I like to think of this as the seed that kicked off our 2012 travels, in that after completing one of my life goals I turned to EmSue and said in a nonchalant manner “so I guess our next step is kids? “.  Thankfully she clarified my confusion quite quickly “now that you got to live one of your dreams and now I get to live one of mine! “.

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Cycling


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