Why Oahu?

Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii (map)

When you’re sitting in your cubicle at work and imagining your Hawaiian vacation, you don’t often picture a large metropolitan city or rush hour traffic as a place you want to spend your two week break.  Because of this for our two previous vacations to Hawaii – Kauai and Maui, we never even considered making a stop in the concrete jungle of Honolulu on Oahu.  So what changed?

Well, budget for one.  The last blog post outlined how to get a fully furnished Hawaii condo for $65 a night, our next goal was to figure out how do you explore the highlights of the island for less than $10 a day.


Honolulu is home to one of the best metro bus systems in the United States that regularly makes the top 10 list.  For a small fee you can explore the whole island without the need of a rental car, insurance, or gas.  Should you find yourself visiting Oahu on a budget and want to save a few dollars, here are the route details to the sites we enjoyed:

  • Airport to Waikiki resorts – Bus #19 or #20 – $2.50 pp
  • Waikiki to Hanauma Bay snorkeling – Bus #22 – $2.50 round trip*
  • Waikiki to Diamond Head Volcano – No bus needed, enjoy the walk
  • Waikiki to Manoa Falls – Bus # 5 – $2.50 round trip
  • Waikiki to Pearl Harbor – Bus #20, #40, #42, #62, or #A – $2.50 round trip*
  • Waikiki to Olomana Trail – Bus #56, #57, or #57a – $5.00 round trip
  • Waikiki to North Shore & Dole Plantation – Bus #52 – $5.00 round trip
  • North Shore to Pipeline & Turtle Beach – Bus #55 – $2.50 round trip*

*Cheap round trip prices based on returning in under two hours of departure

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay claims to have the best snorkeling in Oahu
Sea Turtle Hanauma Bay
We have to agree their sea turtles were the friendliest in the world

Diamond Head State Monument

Walking to Diamond Head
Just a short walk from Waikiki you find yourself entering the Diamond Head Volcano
Diamond Head Switchbacks
Heading up to the rim of Diamond Head
Diamond Head Army Battery
Heading up through the old Army Battery
Diamond Head End of Trail Overlooking Waikiki
Overlooking Waikiki from Diamond Head
Diamond Head overlooking Hanauma Bay
Looking east back to Hanauma Bay

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head Overlook

Manoa Falls Trailhead

Manoa Falls Trail
Hanging around on the Manoa Falls Trail
Hawaii Bamboo
Trail finding through the bamboo
Manoa Falls Gigantic Trees
Possibly a tree house would make a new good home for us
3 Horned Lizard
Making some friends on the trail
Manoa Falls
End of the trail reward

Manoa Falls Panoramic


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