Calling Hawaii Home

Waikiki, Oahu Hawaii (map)

Departing from New Zealand we hadn’t yet decided if we were ready to pack it up and head home, but we did know after camping in the great outdoors and moving daily all through Australia and New Zealand we did want to take a break and slow down.  Surprisingly we found the airfare to Hawaii to run about the same price as much closer flights and if we decided to head back home afterwards it was cheaper to make the pit-stop versus flying direct.

Our next hurdle to make our month long Hawaiian vacation a reality was finding a place to stay that wouldn’t break our $100 a day budget.  Thanks to some last minute help from David Rogers a local agent who referred us to Jeanne Hearn at Tropical Hawaii Realty they set us up in a great affordable place to stay at the Waikiki Rosalei building.  For only $65 a night (cheaper than a hostel dorm room), we had a two room apartment with full kitchen, bath, internet, A/C, and cable TV to call home for a month; SCORE!

With accommodations behind us and some $35 a day spending money we got to researching on how to make our stay in Hawaii a memorable one! (more to come)

The Duke
The Big Kahuna
Hawaiian Home
Our Hawaiian Home for the Month, $65 a night, thanks to Tropical Hawaii Realty
Waikiki Beach
Enjoying Slowing Down
Waikiki Palm Tre
and Taking in the Views
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach is the most touristy Hawaiian Beach, but it’s great for people watching

Absolute Hawaiian

Royal Hawaiian Wedding
Always the Bride
Hawaiian Jam Session
Catching local retirees singing Hawaiian Songs
Royal Hawaiian Free Ukulele Lessons
Jamming out some ukulele lessons of my own
The Stupid Factory
or also known as…
R&R in Hawaii
Our idea of Rest and Relaxation in Hawaii

Overlooking Diamond Head

Diamond Head Surfing

Surf Lessons

Surfing Waikiki
Not the biggest waves, but a workout moving a 9ft+ board around

2 thoughts on “Calling Hawaii Home

  1. Looks like the perfect place to chill out guys. Can you get those cocktails you drink out of coconuts there?

    1. It bit too touristy to find them at the beach, but plenty of bars happy to sell them to you

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