The Great Barrier Reef

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia (map)

When anyone mentions Australia, the Great Barrier Reef  is always the first thing that comes to my mind. Therefore, when Dustin and I arrived to the country, we immediately started looking into how we were going to experience it for ourselves.

After our long drive up the coast and personally experiencing flooding and bad weather from Cyclone Oswald, we decided that Airlie Beach would be a good spot to not only get out to the Great Barrier Reef, but also see the famed Whitsunday Islands so many people had told us about.

We did our research and booked a 3 night sailing trip that would take us not only out to the outer reef, but also to the Whitsundays. It was definitely a budget splurge for us, but how can one visit Australia and not see the Great Barrier Reef? In the end, we had an incredible few days and the experience definitely ranks up there as a highlight of our RTW trip.

After effects of Cyclone Oswald in Airlie Beach
Snorkel pose in front of our Wings Diving catamaran that we called home for 3 wonderful nights
Dustin chasing down dinner
One of the many incredible Sea Turtles we swam with near the reef
Whitehaven Beach from the view point on Whitsunday Island
Jumping for joy on Whitehaven Beach
What happens in the Whitsundays apparently does not stay in the Whitsundays 😉
Whitehaven Beach sand is 98% pure silica. It is illegal to take any sand with you when you leave the beach, but we were told NASA scientists used it to make the lens for the Hubble space telescope back in the ’70’s.
Washed ashore coral in Tongue Bay
Reflecting back on the amazing day we had at sea
Catching sunrise on Day 2
First ever scuba lesson was A-Ok
Pictures don’t do it justice, but the reef was vibrant with color
We had never seen so much marine life before
Bait Reef, Great Barrier Reef
Amazing blue starfish
We experienced some of the most breathtaking sunsets during the trip
Yoga posing round the world – Great Barrier Reef

9 thoughts on “The Great Barrier Reef

  1. Wow, the water looks amazing! Nick is jealous :). That may be one time Nick could get me to scuba dive. So long as there are no Great Whites of course.

    1. No big sharks that we saw, but small white tips and other types.

  2. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Wendy

  3. Yeah!!!! a fellow diver, now we can leave Dustin behind 🙂
    and yes this is the most jealous I’ve been over your whole trip

    1. Glad to finally make you jealous 😉

  4. Congrats on a great adventure! We happened upon your travel blog after doing some research. We’re traveling to the Whitsundays in 2 weeks. Did you guys do your classroom instruction on land- Airlie Beach, and then got PADI certified on the boat? Do you recommend the boat you guys went on? I’m so jealous of your adventure.

    1. Hi Aileen,
      Sorry for the delayed response. You will love the Whitsundays! We actually only did snorkeling on our 3 day trip but it was the best I have ever experienced…my husband has a bad ear so he cannot scuba. I personally did a discovery dive though with Wings Diving and we absolutely would recommend them. We were on the Emperors III boat I believe. Have a blast whatever you decide! Thanks for the comment.

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