Turkey Time!

Alanya, Turkey (map)

Yes it is November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but what I am actually referring to is the country of Turkey!

When we booked our 11 night Eastern Mediterranean cruise we were thrilled that we would be able to visit a few countries never on our planned itinerary.

Our first stop was the port of Alanya, Turkey. We diligently utilized Wiki travel for information about this port and realized there would be plenty for us to do on our own. If you have caught on to our style of traveling, we tend to want to get away from the more touristy places and see for ourselves what a city has to offer.

Besides dealing with some rainy weather, we really enjoyed Turkey and hope to return someday to see more of the country.

Our first view of Alanya from the ship
My first words off the Norwegian Jade…”We’re in freakin’ Turkey!”
View of the Red Tower
Making our way through the Turkish streets
We decided to make our own trail up to the Castle
We made it!
The incredible view from the Medieval Alanya Citadel that dates back to the year 1226
Laughing at the other tourists that paid 10 lira to see the same view we saw for free
Yoga posing around the world – Medieval Alanya Citadel
Trespassing? Our thought was…”hey the ladder can’t be here just for looks, it must be here to climb”
Jumping for joy that we made it up safely 😉
Starting our descent down the old city walls
A look back up to where we started (can you see me?)
After hiking reward at Red Tower Brewery
The colorful Alanya Port



1 thought on “Turkey Time!

  1. Looks beautiful!! How wonderful to have been able to go on the cruise & hop on / hop off at fabulous destinations! Thanks for sharing your interesting blogs — we can travel with you from the desk 🙂

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