Land of Waterfalls

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa (map)

As you may recall when Dustin and I were traveling through Central America and then Peru we kept hearing from other travelers how awesome Bolivia was. Well, we never had Bolivia on our list of countries to visit, but after the time we spent there we were so glad we had listened to everyone. Both the Salt flats and the Death Road ended up being trip highlights we won’t soon forget.

So why bring up Bolivia now? Similar to hearing about Bolivia from other people, while traveling through South Africa, a place called Blyde River Canyon kept getting brought up in conversations. After an amazing time in Kruger we found out that the canyon area was actually just an hour or so drive west of the park.

Blyde River Canyon is apparently one of the world’s largest canyons and little did we know, but this area (also known as the Panorama Route) is loaded with our favorite water feature…yep you guessed it WATERFALLS!

We ended up staying longer in the area than we had originally planned to, but that was mostly because we got stumped on where to head to after leaving South Africa.

Can you spot Dustin over Berlin Falls?

Yoga Around the World – Lisbon Falls
Can you spot EmSue over Upper Lisbon Falls?

Finally our favorite of all the falls the – Lone Creek Waterfall

We were quite impressed with the massive tree farming South Africa has
The waterfalls and views can all be found on the Panorama Route through the Blyde River Canyon region
Big thanks to Budget Car Rentals for our brand new rental car. By the time we were done with South Africa we had driven the distance greater than from LA to NYC!



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