2nd Is Not Always The 1st Loser

Northern Drakensberg, Kestell, South Africa (map)

South Africa continues to shock us as we drive from West to East.  It wasn’t until two days before heading in to hike the Drakensberg Mountains that we learned it also contained the 2nd tallest waterfall in the world behind Angel Falls in Venezuela; the Tugela Falls.

The hike was amazing even though the weather wasn’t on our side.  We met some lost hikers from Switzerland along our way and after learning they just graduated from medical school, theoretical doctors (their words not mine), we invited them to join us as long as they agreed to be medical support as well :).

Once reaching the falls we spent some time enjoying the clouds white out with some spots of panoramic views and took enjoyment in the comment made by our friends that it made the whole thing more mystical and wonderful.

We had only one downside to the whole hike. Afterwards, when we swapped our hiking shoes for more comfortable flip-flops they managed to walk off on their own.  It was an error in judgement on my side, but hopefully whomever received them needed them more than we did (my polite way to say they were stolen).  Oh well this just means we finally get to do some shopping 🙂

Looking at the Drakensberg Amphitheatre, the peak we hike is the tallest on the right
We were told that only 4wd cars could make it up to Sentinel Park (the start of the hike) That was a lie- 2wd was fine
The start of the hike before the switchbacks
It was a bit cloudy the day we hiked

Not the smartest thing to do
Heading up the ladders
Our hiking buddies (and photographers) – Carla & Fabian from Switzerland
Getting caught taking a picture; almost to the top

Yoga Around the World – On top of the Drakensberg Amphitheatre
Standing on top of the 2nd tallest waterfall in the world – Tugela Falls

7 thoughts on “2nd Is Not Always The 1st Loser

  1. Thanks…now I’m going to hear from Mom of how reckless you are being on those ladders. Looks Awesome!

    1. Haha so true (best comment ever)

  2. Hi Emily & Dustin
    I have SO enjoyed following your posts ( as well as reading up on the earlier ones ) since my daughter posted your review on Hermanus. We are so proud of our wine route in Hermanus & the Overberg but feel it doesn’t get enough exposure. We have a guest house & so many guests don’t know there is a wonderfully scenic wine route as well as AWESOME wines!
    Beautiful images of the hike & I agree those ladders look horribly scary!!
    Have fun & ENJOY!!

    1. Hi Gail, thanks so much for commenting on the blog. We love when people we connect with from the road get in touch even if we didn’t get to meet in person. Your lodge, http://fernklooflodge.co.za , looks great and I wish we had stayed there while in town!

  3. This is amazing (and my favorite post so far)! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, we are loving your blog posts as well!

    2. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for saying hi. Hope India is treating you well so far!!!

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