The Neverending ‘Things to Do’ List

Recently I sat down and compiled our official list of things we need to get done in order for us to begin this new chapter in our lives. What has become apparent is we really need to nail down our departure date and make that first one way ticket airline purchase. As Mr. RTW said to me the other day…”once we make the flight purchase, this will become real and we can really start preparing”. In the meantime I am anxious to get this going…researching as much as possible what needs to be done.

So without further ado…here is our grand list we need to have completed before we leave on that jetplane! Yikes!

  • Solidify Itinerary- Purchase departure flight
  • Research Visas (difficult countries such as Russia and China)
  • Get Passport Photos taken for Visas en route
  • Open new Bank account/Credit Cards (geared for International Travelers)
  • Mrs. RTW Finish Vaccinations (Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Polio, 2nd Hep A shot), Mr. RTW (2nd, 3rd Hep shots)
  • Get Medical/Travel Insurance figured out
  • International Driver Permits through AAA
  • Scan/Email/Copy Important Documents
  • Clean out house- sell items not wanting to store
  • Sell House
  • Sell Automobiles
  • Figure out Storage for what we keep, Storage Unit pricing/Size
  • Anti-Malarial meds (Check countries)
  • Mail Fwd’ing
  • Order Business Cards for Blog
  • Dog- Annual Vet Appointment/Sentinel meds x 1 year, finalize arrangements for his stay with family
  • Living Wills
  • Follow up MD Appointments- Dentist, Eye, etc.
  • Update Resumes/LinkedIn Accounts
  • Inform Employers
  • Cancel Cell phone service
  • Finalize Packing List
  • Figure out Filing Taxes while away

What else are we missing?

9 thoughts on “The Neverending ‘Things to Do’ List

  1. Oh, man, I have made this exact same list a million times! I’m trying to think of other things that are on my list…

    Power of attorney
    Get a Skype phone number
    Set up e-bills for any bills we might have while we travel (I love my paper bills)

    Other than that, everyone on your list is on my list!

    We haven’t switched banks yet but we did get a Capital One Venture Rewards Card and love it so far. No foreign transaction fees and we earn two miles per dollar spent, but there is an annual fee (after the first year).

    Good luck guys!

    1. Hey Kim, Yes we did get set up with Skype and are in the process of getting our family up and running as well. We are planning on doing the Capital One Credit card for sure…I have heard the card rewards will make up for the annual fee that you mentioned. That card definitely seems the best for international travel. As for Banks we are looking also at Capital One and then Charles Schwab…it’s really all about international ATM fees and ease of online access. Thanks for the advice!

  2. You will forever think of your life in terms of pre-RTW and post-RTW after this year. So excited for you guys and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Are you planning to get extra passport pages? We went through CIBT for our extra pages and my Russia visa. It was a bit expensive, but you will be able to get them done in time.

    1. We weren’t planning on extra pages, can you get them without a 2nd passport? I had used CIBT in the past through work for China, but with Russia’s narrow window for Visas we are thinking we may just get a sub-48 hour transit Visa since we aren’t planning on visiting until the later half of our trip.

      1. Yes, they just amend your passport with a booklet on an empty visa page. I had only about 7 blank pages remaining in my passport, so figured I wouldn’t chance it. Here is a link to the service I am talking about:

      2. Ah good to know, we should do that. I found where you can do it directly I think, but wasn’t able to tell if they just gave you a new book –

  4. Be sure to leave a copy of your passports separate and maybe another one with someone else in the states…. Just in case.
    So happy for you! I’ll keep watching your blog. Good luck

    1. Yes! Christine, we are definitely on top of that. We even made copies of all our vaccines, drivers licenses, international drivers licenses, marriage license, etc!! Thanks for following along! We are really excited!

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