Breaking the Status Quo…

Don’t we all grow up wanting that perfect life?  You know the one with the loving spouse, nice house, good paying job, cute kids, neighborhood with exemplary schools, etc. Why would we talk badly about living in suburbia or perhaps a master planned community, which I must add is where we currently reside?  Is what I described really the perfect life?

When we first were trying to come up with a name for our blog, we thought “Ticky Tacky Travel” was kind of catchy. The name almost sounds like we want to travel based on the definition lists for “Ticky Tacky” which includes words like cheap or mediocre. This is definitely not what we would have meant by the name. We first heard the phrase “Ticky Tacky” from the opening song to the Showtime series “Weeds”…which I have to admit we have watched 6 seasons of so far. The song and opening to the show basically mock that perfect life that we all seem to aim for.

Let me set the record straight- I am not saying my current life situation is anything to complain about, I love my life. I am sure after our travels I will crave this life and want it for raising kids. However, for as long as I can recall I have written journal entries wondering how else life could be. The “what ifs”… I also always think why is it when you ask someone what they would do if they won the lottery most say “travel more”. Why when you ask about retirement people say they plan to “travel more”. You catch my drift. I say, Why not now? Why wait? I mean who wins the lottery anyway and retirement is so far off it is just plain depressing. With all that said, Ticky Tacky Travel just was not the right fit for us…hence why the name for our travel blog is We Go RTW. By the way, for those not aware, RTW is a very commonly used acronym for “round the world”. As with the wayof life we will be living soon…how about we keep the blog name simplified.

Because of my parents I was blessed to get the taste for travel early on in life. The summer before my freshman year in college I lived in Pueblo, Mexico, studying the language. During that summer I visited numerous places in Mexico that most people never go to.  After that, during college my parents gave me the opportunity to study abroad in Spain for a summer and after college my best friend and I backpacked through a good portion of Europe for a month. To most this would seem that I have traveled enough. When I met my husband…we both realized our joint love for travel and in the almost 8 years we have been together (dating and married) we have traveled to many amazing locations. The trouble is it is never enough! How can we possibly accomplish what we want to when we only have a few weeks vacation to do it every year?

Earlier this year my husband embarked on an amazing journey bicycling across the country coast to coast. I am so proud of him and what he accomplished. While he was gone people would ask me “Aren’t you jealous of him being out there while you are home working?” Of course I wanted to see and experience the places he was visiting, but it was easy to admit I do not possess the love for cycling to do something so extensive. Typically my reply would jokingly be something like “Someone has to stay home and pay the bills” or “Now if he had asked me to walk/hike across America, I would have considered it”. So once he got back we joked about traveling the world together like we have many times over the years…ya know dreaming. This time though I was more curious than ever. I started googling things like “Couples who travel the world” or “how to travel around the world”. This is when I caught the bug..okay more like a virus. And I am still sick with it 🙂

At this point I have to admit I am conflicted…not much of a surprise since I often have problems making decisions. It is hard for me to think of us risking our futures by quitting our great jobs, renting our house for a year (or possibly selling it) and leaving our family (and sweet dog) as well as our friends to travel the globe using our savings. The previous “what if’s” that were part of the traveling dream now become the ones that scare me…what if we return and can’t get jobs (especially in this crummy economy) or what if something happens to us while we travel? I can feel my anxiety boiling up as I write this! But then I think if we don’t go after this dream, is the fear of these what if’s worth the lifetime of possible regret? Right now most people are thinking we are contemplating getting pregnant (which we hope to be one day), but why can’t this thought of traveling this amazing world in the prime of our lives leave my mind?

I found a journal entry from some point (sadly it was not dated), which was apparently written in the past few years during one of those times when we were discussing leaving our normal lives to travel the globe (at that time this was just a daydream). Here is a portion of that entry I wrote…

“Could we do this? Live the life less traveled? There is so much beauty in the world to stay in one place. Why live in fear? Worse would be regret right? Would we be throwing it all away or gaining more than we ever thought possible…is this idea insane?”

6 thoughts on “Breaking the Status Quo…

  1. I am so excited to read your blog, traveling the world has always been my dream but three kids can put a bit of a damper on that. It’s great that you’re doing it now while you’re young and full of energy and you’ll have so much more to offer your kids one day 🙂

  2. I’m excited to watch you document your trip! One of my favourite things about travelling is being able to share my experiences with my friends back home who’ve always wanted to travel, but never have. I like to think it’s more fun though, to be the one out there experiencing things than the one living vicariously through others and wondering about all of those “what ifs.”

  3. I can relate to your feelings about the “what ifs” on so many levels… My husband and I are currently living as expats in London, and the debate over whether to go home to the US or continue living abroad (either here or elsewhere) is a constant inner conflict. The comforts of home and some stability sound so nice, but I’ve got a taste for adventure now and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to cope with a “normal” life again. Anyway, I’m so excited to follow your journey and see where things end up! Best of luck!

    1. Hi Marina,
      Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed reading about Jordan on your blog. I would love to swim in the dead sea!

  4. OMG …..ESue and Big D!!! I am finally reading your blog and adding comments!!! Did u ever think it would happen??!!?? First off I have to say Emmy Sue… I had no idea u were such an eloquent writer!! Reading this blog made me feel different emotions….one is that…I miss my good friends Emmy Sue and Dustin … Another is just … awe…. What y’all are doing is truly awesome…I am so happy for you that you get to have this experience …. and next is that I WISH I WAS THERE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to “taking this journey with u”. Lets have the time of our lives!!! 🙂 Love u … always, Lil D

  5. I’d love to hear about how you handled the fears of “what ifs” and job security, especially upon your return, and how the year of travel shifted some of your other life decisions! Is there a post about any of that? 🙂 Thanks for your courage!

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