It’s Official

Day 42 – Walden, CO to Saratoga, WY – 67 miles

We are now hobo’s and out of Colorado!

Just standing in front of the signs is getting boring
Great sunset from Walden, CO

Is this a type of deer or antelope?

Kiya and Kodak from the Bear Trap Cafe in Riverside, WY
Ring around the sun; we thought maybe it was a late rapture
Saratoga is preparing for floods next week

Finally getting clean in the hobo hot springs
We heard touring cyclist caused the need for #2
Met Chris; Jess and him are from Austin, TX too and it was her idea to ride cross country -

7 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I thought it might be reason #4 instead of #2

    1. Haha, could be that as well

  2. It’s a Pronghorn. Not a deer or an antelope, although commonly called a Pronghorn antelope.

    1. Thanks Nathan, I had no clue

  3. Great photos! This is Chris’ mom (you met him & Jessica in WY). I now have another blog to read everyday. Best of luck to you are your journey.

    1. Thanks for saying hi Julie, I hear we work for the same large company in RR

  4. I love your blog…it’s full of some of my favorite places! And, your photos are great.

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